Ike Davis 'doesn't know' when he'll return

June, 3, 2011
When will Ike Davis be able to rejoin the Mets?

As of now, neither he nor his doctors have any idea.

“The thing is, with something like this is no one knows,” said Davis, who is wearing a boot as he tries to recover from a bone bruise and a sprained left ankle. “It’s just who knows how long it’s gonna take to heal. Hopefully it’s next week or two days from now, but I couldn’t tell you. They don’t know because it’s person by person.”

“It’s taking a little while to heal,” Davis continued. “I went to the doctor a couple days ago, he said do rehab and wear the boot when you’re not rehabbing, then we’ll do another MRI. So basically it’s just a waiting game to see when I can start running again.”

Davis will be in the boot for the next three weeks after an MRI taken Tuesday at the Hospital for Special Surgery revealed that his injured left ankle is not healing. He only takes off the boot when he’s rehabbing or laying down. Davis rode a stationary bike on Friday afternoon, and was slated to do ankle strengthening exercises later on.

“The thing was I’ve sprained my ankle before,” Davis said. “I knew it wasn’t sprained bad. I just didn’t know how the bone bruise in the middle of my joint was gonna feel. And that’s definitely a lot worse than I thought it was gonna be. It’s weird because walking is not really painful, and stuff like, it’s just when I start running it starts to get bad.”

The 24-year-old first baseman suffered the injury on May 10 in Colorado when he collided with third baseman David Wright while trying to catch a popup.

“I think when David and me ran into each other, I was rolling my ankle and David kneed me in the shin, and kind of drove my shin bone down an awkward angle, and that’s how my two bones scraped,” said Davis, who thought he’d be back in the lineup the next day.

“Usually when you sprain your ankle you don’t have a bone bruise in the middle of your joint. Bone bruises are in the middle of your joint are kind of hard to do considering your joints’ made to be together.”

The Mets placed Davis on the disabled list two days later, and he’s stayed there ever since.

He had been rehabbing at the team’s minor league complex in Port St. Lucie, Fla., but wasn’t progressing, so the Mets flew him back to New York on Monday so he could undergo the MRI.

“I ran two days in a row, but every day it got worse, and the third day it hurt to walk again, so I had to shut it down because it was not gonna get any better,” Davis said. “It was hurting while [running], but I figured it was what a sprained ankle would do and I’d just push through it. But with the bone bruise it just kept getting worse and worse instead of better, so I can’t run anymore.”

As of now, Davis said he’s going to take off hitting “for a week or two.”

“I’m hoping if I don’t do anything it will heal faster,” Davis said. “But I haven’t tested it yet. I’ve literally walked and had a boot on.”

Manager Terry Collins characterized the MRI's diagnosis as an “inverted sprain” in addition to a bone bruise.

Davis was hitting .302 with seven home runs and 25 RBIs at the time he rolled the ankle.

He’ll be with the team in New York over the weekend, then head back to Port St. Lucie Monday when the Mets embark on a 10-game road trip.

“I’ve been watching TV a little bit [to kill time],” Davis said. “I go sit on a bucket by the ponds out in Florida and try to catch fish, but I can’t even do that like I normally do because I’d be walking around, so I just sit on a bucket and wait for my bobber to go down. And I do that for about five hours a day, and then I go to a movie or something.”

Davis said he hasn’t been able to keep an eye on the Mets while he’s been doing his rehab.

“They don’t get them in the hotel in Florida, and I’m not gonna go to Duffy’s [bar] and watch it,” Davis said.

Mike Mazzeo

ESPN New York Writer



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