Carter halfway through radiation treatment

Gary Carter is at the midway point of radiation treatments for cancerous brain tumors. He also has been dealing with walking pneumonia, his daughter Kimmy Bloemers wrote in the family's online journal.

Carter watched the movie "Rudy" last weekend, which the family found inspiring.

Wrote Bloemers:

Team Carter is definitely NOT giving up. Brain cancer is the big problem but there have been many other bumps in the road for our family. Although it is not easy, we are doing all we can to stay positive and stay strong. We definitely have our sad, confusing and frustrated moments but we are giving our burdens, worries and sadness to the Lord and asking Him to take them away. We know NOTHING absolutely NOTHING is impossible for our God and wee are trusting in our Savior! We are praying for a miracle and we are praying BIG! Dad will get another MRI in August to see the activity in his brain. We pray for NO tumors and NO cancer!