Carter experiences hand cramping

Gary Carter continues to fight stage 4 brain cancer.

Here is the latest update, courtesy of his daughter, Kimmy Bloemers, who keeps a journal on a private family website, which ESPN NewYork.com has been granted access to.

Dad has been taking medication since early June and it hasn't been as easy road. Not only has dad been tired, but lately, he has been experiencing uncomfortable cramping in his hands. We are guessing it is because of the medication but we will be asking the doctors very soon. Dad has lost all of his hair in the back of his head but he of course is still handsome with that good looking smile!

On Tuesday, dad went to the psychiatrist and was prescribed a couple antidepressants. As you can imagine, life has changed significantly for my dad so it is understandable that there will be some sadness throughout this journey.

On Wednesday, dad had a great day and evening but after dinner, he had a fast heartbeat, turned pale, cramping hands, quivering lips and was very fatigued. We called Dr. Harris and he gave us some tips to make dad feel more comfortable. Thankfully, dad was okay but it truly was a very scary moment.

Thursday-Sunday for the most part were good days. :)

Everything else seems to be going well for the most part so we are thankful and we focus on all the positives.

We ask you to pray specifically for dad as he tackles each day.