Alderson talks K-Rod, trade deadline

Sandy Alderson intimated that he already had discussed with agent Paul Kinzer under what scenarios Francisco Rodriguez would waive his 10-team no-trade clause, including what type of compensation from the new team would be required to do so.

While that dialogue suggests K-Rod certainly is on the block, the actual conversations with Kinzer may have been wasted energy.

Francisco Rodriguez

Francisco Rodriguez

#75 RP
New York Mets

2011 STATS

  • GM42
  • W2

  • L2

  • BB16

  • K46

  • ERA3.16

Does K-Rod’s reported change from Kinzer to Scott Boras complicate the Mets’ ability to trade the closer, since a new agent may have different thoughts on what enticements are required to waive a no-trade clause? (Boras could be among the most demanding.)

“I wouldn’t want to get into that,” Alderson said.

Alderson said he had not been given any formal notification of an agent switch, but he seemed to realize it was occurring.

“It’ll sort itself out over the next several days and by that time it will be what is,” Alderson said.

K-Rod entered the first-half finale on pace for 61 games finished, six more than the threshold for his contract to kick in at $17.5 million for 2012. Otherwise, Rodriguez receives a $3.5 million buyout in addition to his $11.5 million salary for this season.

Asked if there was any way K-Rod could be a Met next season, Alderson said: “Sure, there’s a way it could happen. There’s various scenarios that could play out. My lawyer’s fallback is not to comment on the hypothetical.”

Alderson actually said when the Mets do their payroll projections for future seasons, K-Rod’s $17.5 million is displayed for the board for 2012.

Of course, the GM dryly added: “That board, by the way, is erasable.”

Asked if the $17.5 million option would be crippling to the Mets’ 2012 plans, Alderson said: “I wouldn’t say anything is ever crippling. We take things as they occur and evaluate the situation and come up with another course of action. I never view it that way (crippling). We’ll just see how it plays out.”

Alderson did not talk specific players, but said the market for big names -- understood to mean Carlos Beltran and K-Rod, since Jose Reyes is very likely staying -- is “just starting to develop now.”

Said Alderson: “The scouts continue to scout. I wouldn’t say we’ve focused down on any particular team at this point.”

The Mets have not redirected scouts to scour the minor league systems of specific teams to make educated decisions about which prospects to pursue in a trade as the sellers, according to Alderson.

“We’ve talked about doing that, but haven’t on a broad-scale basis yet,” the GM said. “But we’ve been scouting minor league clubs all spring and summer and wouldn’t require a great deal of additional effort.”