Pregame notes: The sick and injured

Here are some quick hits about the Mets players who are either injured or sick, as told by Terry Collins.

Lucas Duda is out of the lineup once again with as suffers from headaches following his collision with the right field wall in St. Louis on Wednesday. Collins said Duda's status is unchanged and reiterated that he would be surprised if he plays again this season.

While Collins didn't classify Duda as having a concussion, he said that the outfielder/first baseman has to have something like that because he's still groggy and has a dull headache. He said those would probably by the symptoms of a concussion.

Angel Pagan is once again out of the lineup after he also continues to suffer from headaches after hitting himself on his back swing Thursday in St. Louis. Collins said Pagan had several symptoms last night and Collins added that just like Duda, he expects that Pagan will not return to the team this season.

"I'd be surprised if all of a sudden he had a miraculous recovery here in the next couple of days for sure," Collins said.

Jason Bay will miss his fifth game in the past six contests with his illness, which stems from a sinus infection. Bay said he got winded during batting practice yesterday but did not feel right running off the field and felt light headed at times while he was playing. Bay said he feels worse than he did yesterday and he will go to a doctor tomorrow and see if maybe he has to change his antibiotics or something else to combat the illness.