Drug addiction ruined Gooden's career

Mets ace Dwight Gooden let his fame get the best of him -- and his life spiraled out of control.

After the Mets won the World Series in 1986, Gooden was supposed to be celebrating with his teammates at their ticker-tape parade. Instead, he was in Long Island and high on cocaine, the drug he had become addicted to.

“Here I am in the projects in a drug dealer's apartment with guys I don't even know, with drugs in the house, watching it,” Gooden told ESPN E:60 in a piece that will air Wednesday night at 8 p.m. “It's a horrible feeling.”

Gooden said he became addicted to cocaine during the 1986 championship season. Someone offered him cocaine at a party in New York City, and against his better judgment, he did it.

“And it was love at first sight unfortunately,” he said.

Gooden became dependent on the drug, and let it affect his pitching regiment.

“The day I pitched I would drink either 'cause I was celebrating or I lost and couldn't sleep,” Gooden said. “The cocaine started. I didn't do it two days before I would pitch, but once I went home in the offseason, totally out of control.”

Gooden tested positive for cocaine in the offseason, and many offseasons that followed.

The drug ruined what could’ve been a Hall of Fame career for Gooden.

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