Dr. K on Jose Reyes: He's a goner

Dwight Gooden (@DocGooden16) offered his insights on the Jose Reyes offseason saga in a series of tweets on Friday, asserting that Albert Pujols is the Miami Marlins' No. 1 priority while worrying Jimmy Rollins may leave Philadelphia, opening the door for Reyes to wind up a Phillie.

Tweeted Gooden:

"As I mentioned a while ago... Pujols is the Marlins number 1 choice if it falls through then they turn to Reyes ... Count Milwaukee out Reyes would take less to go elsewhere ... I am a Mets & Yankees fan it will break my heart if Rollins signs w/ Giants & Reyes 2 Philly,could happen if Marlins work out deal w/ Pujols ... I hope I am wrong & Reyes stays in Queens but that's not what my sources are telling me"