Meaningful Sept. games more likely?

Major League Baseball on Thursday announced its intention to add an extra wild-card team in each league, likely for next season.

So that means one-third of the National League teams will make the postseason come 2013 (five of 15). That year, the Houston Astros will move to the American League West.

What would have happened this year had there been an extra wild-card team? Well, perhaps it would have prompted the Mets to hold onto Carlos Beltran at the trading deadline instead of dealing him for Zack Wheeler, since theoretically the Mets would have had a better shot at the playoffs.

In the end, though, not much would have changed in 2011 for the Mets with an extra wild card.

At 77-85, the Mets finished 13 games behind wild-card winner and eventual champion St. Louis. An extra wild-card entrant would also have put the Atlanta Braves in the postseason, and the Mets would have been 12 games out of wild-card contention instead.