Q: Why won't the Mets finish in last?

You have to think that most people will pick the Mets for last place in 2012. But let's make the case for why they won't.

Adam Rubin went over all the starting rotations in the division the other day. It is hard to say the Mets' starters are better than any of them.

To me, the best-case scenario is that the Mets get great years from all five of their starters. So realistically, Johan Santana wins 10-12 games. Jon Niese goes up to 15. Mike Pelfrey looks like a No. 2 and wins 15 himself. R.A. Dickey wins 13 or so. And Dillion Gee jumps up to 15 wins. The Mets could maybe win 85-90 games. Of course, this is asking a lot.

So here is the Question of the Day: Why won't the Mets finish in last?