Murphy looking to be second to none


Daniel Murphy got a very brief look at second base last season, and in the world that is small sample sizes, things didn’t go particularly well.

Murphy hit .263 in 80 at-bats over 24 games and 168 innings. But the bigger issue was with one aspect of his defense.

With Murphy at second, there were 20 ground balls hit in a double play situation (ie: man on first, less than two outs), in which Murphy was either the fielder or the relay man.

Via data from Baseball Info Solution/Bill James Online: On those 20 balls, the Mets turned only four double plays. That’s a 20 percent conversion rate.

You won’t find many players worse than that.

Ideally, a major league second baseman has a conversion rate in the 50 percent range. Across the river, Robinson Cano was among the best in the majors, 58 percent.

As a whole, advanced metrics had the Mets as being the worst in the majors at converting double plays. Justin Turner converted at 35 percent. Ruben Tejada converted at 46 percent at second, but he’s needed at shortstop.

Murphy is working to change that.

Buster Olney’s blog today focuses on the work Murphy’s doing with Tim Teufel to get better. Click here for the link.