Mets fielding ranked 28th

Mets fielding is projected to rank 28th in MLB in 2012, according to John Dewan and Ben Jedlovec of the Fielding Bible Volume III.

According to their press release:

Using the metric “Defensive Runs Saved” for each position on all 30 teams and stats developed by Baseball Info Solutions (BIS), and assuming current rosters and projected starters for each team, the 464-page “bible of defense” projects how many runs its present defense will save (or cost) a team.

The Tampa Bay Rays, whose defense last year saved 85 runs, are projected to save 42 this year, the highest in the majors. The newly named Miami Marlins, were the worst defensive team last year (-75 runs saved). This year The Fielding Bible projects Ozzie Guillen’s team, perhaps with a little coaching from the former All-Star shortstop himself, to cut that figure in more than half. But it still projects the Fish to finish last again with -30 runs saved.

The Philadelphia Phillies are projected by the book to be the most improved defense in both leagues, going from a -59 to a +6 in Defensive Runs Saved, thanks partly to losing poor-fielding Raul Ibanez in left field and adding good-fielding Hunter Pence for a full year in right field and partly to Ryan Howard (one of the worst defenders at first base) projected to miss a significant amount of time with his Achilles injury suffered in the Phillies' final game of the playoffs last year.

Below are the projected defensive runs saved for the upcoming season:

Tampa Bay 42

Seattle 32

Cincinnati 29

Texas 26

L.A. Angels 22

Arizona 21

Yankees 20

Kansas City 18

Atlanta 15

Boston 12

San Francisco 11

Philadelphia 6

Toronto 3

Colorado 2

San Diego -1

Oakland -2

Washington -2

Milwaukee -3

Chicago White Sox -9

Cleveland -9

St. Louis -10

Detroit -11

Pittsburgh -13

L.A. Dodgers -14

Houston -16

Baltimore -16

Chicago Cubs -25

Mets -26

Minnesota -29

Miami -30