Letterman mocks Mets

On Wednesday night's episode of the "Late Show," David Letterman did a skit celebrating Fred Wilpon and family's court victory. Skip forward to the 4:10 mark on this clip for the Mets-specific humor.

"The Mets, they had a lot of legal trouble, and a lot of court settlements, and all because of that Bernie Madoff thing," Letterman began. "And they finally agreed to pay $162 million. That's how the Mets are beginning their season. I mean, they said we're paying this so we can move on with the season. And now they're thinking, you know, geez. ... Did you see? Look here, look at the Mets. Watch this."

Letterman then displayed a fake TV ad promoting the Mets' season. The voiceover goes:

"The lawsuits are behind us and it's time to play baseball. Meet your 2012 New York Mets. Third baseman David Wright. Shortstop David Wright. Second baseman David Wright. First baseman Mr. Met. Catcher David Wright. Left fielder, that guy from the grounds crew. Right fielder David Wright. And center fielder Lenny Dykstra, pending prison release. The 2012 New York Mets. Catch the fever."