Hairston pleased with BP session

Scott Hairston

Right Field
New York Mets


After tracking 20 pitches from a pair of minor league pitchers, then swinging at 20 others from a coach, Scott Hairston pronounced his first batting practice session since suffering a strained left oblique a success.

"I feel great," Hairston told TCPalm.com's Bill Whitehead. "I wasn't holding back at all. I picked up the ball pretty well today and was happy with that. Tomorrow I'm basically going to do what I did today. If everything goes well, games would be right around the corner. I've got to make sure I'm right, number one. The rest of it isn't my decision."

Regarding the two shots that cleared the left-field wall, Hairston added: "It felt good, but there are a couple of swings where I didn't feel that whip that I wanted to generate. But I just started to swing today. I try not to get too far ahead of myself. I was really pleased with how I felt. That's the number one thing."