Mets going Gaga for Seinfeld/Wright

In an effort to take advantage of Lady Gaga baseball mania, the Mets have handed out 20,000 No. 1 foam fingers to commemorate Gaga's one finger salutes earlier in the month at Citi. The foam finger raised is the index, not middle, and salute David Wright.

Coincidentally, Jerry Seinfeld is here at Citi. After Gaga started her scene at Citi in the stands, the Mets moved Gaga to Seinfeld's luxury box to get her way from the fans. She then gave photographers the finger. This week, in a radio interview with WFAN, Seinfeld criticized Gaga for her over-the-top antics. Seinfeld is here tonight to do three innings of play-by-play during the SNY broadcast.

At the end of third inning, Seinfeld said to Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez, "When are we going to talk about Lady Gaga, that is why I'm here." Of course, Seinfeld was joking around, but in the ensuing inning he said that Gaga was "disrespectful."

The Mets handed out the foam fingers to encourage Met fans on hand to vote for Wright for the All-Star team. The No. 1 fingers are blue with an orange outline and say, "Make Wright #1" and then they instruct the fans to vote for him at the team's website.