Ceremony makes Wright yearn to be Met?

September, 28, 2012
ATLANTA -- David Wright watched Friday night's ceremony honoring Chipper Jones from the top step of the visitors' dugout at Turner Field, alongside his Mets teammates.

The question: Will Wright one day be part of a similar ceremony at Citi Field, having been a lifelong Met?

One thing is for certain: Wright, who currently is under the Mets' control only through next season via a team option, said he wasn't pondering such a question or picturing himself in a ceremony like Chipper was receiving as the ceremony took place Friday night.

"No, no, no, no," Wright said. "For me, it was just enjoying the ceremony. I thought it was cool. It's not every day you get to see Hank Aaron. I was just enjoying it.

"It's obviously a cool feat. I respect obviously what Chipper has done. It's different decisions for different people. I respect guys like Chipper and Derek Jeter and, growing up, Cal Ripken Jr. A lot of it has to do with that reason -- because they're symbolic of their franchises."

As for Friday's event, Wright added: "I tried to watch him when I first came up, and I continue to watch him now and try to take some things away from his game. If anything, it was just appreciation (Friday night). Fans showed appreciation, we showed appreciation, because he's had a tremendous, Hall of Fame career. You don't see those types of celebrations too often."
Adam Rubin has covered the Mets since 2003. He's a graduate of Mepham High School on Long Island and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He joined ESPNNewYork after spending 10 years at the New York Daily News.
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