Minors roles won't be altered due to Vegas

The Mets' Triple-A affiliate has shifted from Buffalo to Las Vegas for the next two seasons. But Sandy Alderson said the geographical distance between Las Vegas and New York will not cause the club to hold back at least a couple of Triple-A-worthy players at Double-A Binghamton, so that a minor leaguer will be close by in case a call-up to the majors is needed on short notice.

"There are more flights from Las Vegas than there are from Binghamton," Alderson said, dismissing any concern about getting a call-up in from the West coast on little notice. "Let's put it that way."

Along similar lines, Las Vegas' Pacific Coast League is known for its gaudy offensive numbers and high ERAs as opposed to Buffalo's International League. But Alderson said there is no concern and no intention to hold back talented pitchers in Double-A to avoid them having to confront the high altitude and dryness that will make it more challenging to succeed.

"Las Vegas provides lots of challenges, but they can have a positive effect as well," Alderson said. "For pitchers, it won't be a sheltered existence in Las Vegas or in the Pacific Coast League. Keeping somebody in Binghamton because it's closer, that wouldn't be a significant factor. Keeping somebody there because it's an easier place to pitch, for example, it's unlikely that would be a significant factor, either."