Progress, but d'Arnaud to stay booted

Travis d'Arnaud will continue to wear a protective boot on the left foot he fractured six

lastname d'Arnaud weeks ago, but can begin limited weight-bearing activity, including walking.

"I don't know how long, but not very long," d'Arnaud said about continuing to wear the boot. "I was cleared to start walking with the boot on today."

D'Arnaud was examined by team doctors in New York. The Mets had hoped d'Arnaud would be cleared to shed the boot and begin weight-bearing activity two weeks ago, but doctors had spotted residual signs of the original fracture of the first metatarsal.

"It's gone now," d'Arnaud said. "I couple of weeks ago I saw it, too. You could still see a little bit of the crack in there. But I didn't see anything at this point."

UPDATE: The team announced d'Arnaud would wear the boot for another week.