Draft Day 2 recap

Mets VP of player development Paul DePodesta says every draft brings its share of excitements and disappointments, with teams elated to have that one player fall to them, while also having to deal with the agony of having a coveted player end up in another team's farm system.

Through the first two days of the 2013 MLB Draft, DePodesta said the Mets have had more moments of jubilation than those where they're left wondering "what if?"

"As with any draft, we look at it not just on a round by round basis, or a player by player basis, but as a portfolio of players," DePodesta said on a conference call. "As we sit back tonight after the first 10 rounds, and look at the 11 players we selected, as a portfolio, I think we are thrilled with the way it's turned out."

The Mets made nine picks Friday during rounds three through 10, adding to their stable that already included high school first baseman Dominic Smith and pitcher Andrew Church.

The Mets' first two picks on Friday were once again high school players in outfielder Ivan Wilson and right-handed starter Casey Meisner, players DePodesta said have significant upside.

After the run of high school players, the team used six of its final seven on college players. Overall, DePodesta said speed and power were emphasized by the team.

"We really turned, once we got into the fourth round, to some college players," DePodesta said. "Just more advanced players, and players that could move a little more quickly through our system."

Here's a breakdown on the team's selections from Friday from amateur scouting director Tommy Tanous:

• CF Wilson (76th overall): He's a righty who Tanous said he has a unique mix of power and speed. "As close to a five-tool athlete as you're gonna find," Tanous said.

• RHP Meisner (84th overall): Tanous said he's an "extremely projectable" pitcher that is a strike thrower with a three-pitch repertoire.

• 2B L.J. Mazzilli (116th overall): He's an offensive-minded player who produced in college.

• OF Jared King (146th overall): He's a switch-hitter with some power. DePodesta said the Mets were pleasantly surprised he was still left. "He was a guy that was on our big board, meaning that he was on our pretty short list of players. We were excited to get him," DePodesta said.

• OF Champ Stuart (176th overall): Speed is Stuart's game. "Probably the fastest kid player in the draft. Certainly will go into our system as one of the fastest players," Tanous. He added that Stuart has some size and is an "80" runner.

• 1B Matt Oberste (206th overall): He has power and doesn't strike out much, and Tanous said he has the chance to be a plus-hitter.

• RHP Ricky Knapp (236th overall): Tanous said Knapp has a great feel for pitching and has three to four pitches that he throws for strikes. "The ultimate strike thrower," Tanous said.

• OF Patrick Biondi (266th overall): He's a speedster who can steal bases. "He might be slight of build a little bit, but this is your top of order type of hitter," Tanous said.

• SS Luis Guillorme (296th overall): Guillorme is a defensive shortstop. "Really a fun guy to watch defensively," Tanous said.

DePodesta added that the Mets are optimistic they'll be able to sign most of their picks, if not all of them.