Photos: Harvey from Body Issue

ESPN The Magazine

ESPN The Magazine's fifth annual Body Issue doesn't hit newsstands until Friday, July 12.

But here are three outtakes from the photo shoot, in case you want a sneak peek.

The photos were taken in a hotel conference room last month.

"It was really cool," Harvey said. "It was definitely kind of nerve-wracking at first. I've never been fully nude in front of random people like that before, especially with a camera around. But now it's all done with. It was a fun experience. It's going to be a cool issue. ... I take pride in eating healthy and keeping my body in shape in the best possible way of staying healthy, as do all the other athletes."

What did Harvey's parents think?

"Well, they know how serious I am with everything -- with eating properly and working out and really making sure my body is in the proper place to stay healthy and have a long career," Harvey said. "They came up with this magazine to show that, and show how the athletes' bodies are in different sports. They definitely were a little nervous about it at first. They're on board with every decision me and the Boras people make."

Harvey does expect some grief from teammates.

"Oh yeah," Harvey said. "I take it with a grain of salt, and whatever comes my way comes my way. At the time it seemed like a good opportunity and something I was excited about doing. I might as well get it out of the way when I'm young and have the opportunity to have a decent body, and hopefully we keep that going."

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