Collins not ready for Satin outfield use

Josh Satin

Josh Satin

#13 1B
New York Mets

2013 STATS

  • GM21
  • HR1

  • RBI8

  • R13

  • OBP.486

  • AVG.362

PITTSBURGH -- Early Friday afternoon at PNC Park, Josh Satin continued to do extra work in the outfield.

Still, Terry Collins said he is not ready to start Satin in the outfield as a means of getting him in the lineup. So Satin's next start likely will wait until Sunday, when the Mets face left-hander Jeff Locke in the first-half finale.

"He's still getting acclimated. I'm not that comfortable yet," Collins said about Satin getting outfield starts. "As we look at what we've done the past couple of weeks, one of the reasons is because we've caught the baseball defensively. And one of the reasons we've caught the ball is because we've played people where they belong."