Harvey will have 2nd-half starts skipped

July, 15, 2013
NEW YORK -- Terry Collins previously has estimated Matt Harvey will make 14 second-half starts. Harvey's innings will be capped partly by skipping starts, partly by shaving some innings off his less-stellar outings, according to the manager.

Harvey's final scheduled first-half start, in Pittsburgh, was skipped. Harvey is at 130 innings and has roughly 90 more left in his 2013 allotment.

He opens his second half Sunday against Philadelphia.

"He's going to get skipped again in the second half," Collins said. "... I've already talked to Matt. There are going to be games where he's going to have his 'A' game. He's going to pitch. Now, after that, his next start, he probably won't pitch as much. Now, five innings? I can't really tell you that. ... I know Sandy [Alderson] has got some numbers in mind that we need to be careful of when he starts to get close to them."

Collins reiterated that it is preferred to have Harvey's workload curtailed in the second half and allow him to pitch deep into September, rather than letting him go now without reins and ending his season with a few weeks to go.

"I just think it's so important for Matt, for Zack [Wheeler], for any of those young players to play in the month of September, because if you're going to be a winner down the road, you've got to know how to get through that last month," Collins said.

Phillies slugger Domonic Brown heaped praise on Harvey on Monday.

"He's a pitcher. He's not just a flamethrower," Brown said. "When he gets in those good hitters' counts, he doesn't give in. Usually those guys out in the bullpen that are a few-pitch pitchers, if you get in a 2-0 count, they're probably going to challenge you with that 97 or 98 mph. And big-league hitters, we can turn on that and hit it hard. And he doesn't give in. Matt Harvey doesn't give in. He might throw a slider or curveball or changeup just to keep you off-balance. It's tough."
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