Turner had 'charley horse' in shoulder, leg

WASHINGTON -- Justin Turner appeared to get the worst of his first-inning collision with left fielder Andrew Brown pursuing Denard Span's fly ball in shallow left field in Game 2 on Friday.

Justin Turner

Justin Turner

#2 1B
New York Mets

2013 STATS

  • GM47
  • HR0

  • RBI7

  • R3

  • OBP.300

  • AVG.255

Turner held onto the baseball and initially stayed in the game. Terry Collins replaced him at shortstop with Omar Quintanilla in the seventh.

"I'm not sure what hit what, but I'm guessing his forearm got me in the side of the head," Turner said. "I think his chin went into my shoulder. And then we went knee to knee, too. I think his knee went into my left knee. I think that's what hit what and where."

Turner insisted head-wise "everything is fine" -- signaling no concussion.

"It's almost like a charley horse in my shoulder and a charley horse in my leg," he said. "It just gradually kept getting tighter and tighter. In a tie ballgame going later in the game, to keep being more limited, I talked to Terry and he just wanted to get Omar in there, especially for defensive purposes."

As for who called the pop-up, Turner was not sure of the precise sequence.

"It went up, and I put my head down and started going," he said. "And I was listening for him the whole time. And all I could hear was fans screaming. Right before I caught it I called it, I think, one time. I guess he called it once or twice. I don't know. A couple of times, maybe. But it must have been at the same time. I didn't hear him. I'm just glad I hung onto it."