Wright downplays hammy injury

MIAMI -- David Wright, who once played through a broken back until the team forced him to get it examined, vowed to play through his current right hamstring issue.

David Wright

David Wright

#5 3B
New York Mets

2013 STATS

  • GM103
  • HR15

  • RBI52

  • R59

  • OBP.390

  • AVG.308

Wright clutched the hamstring after stealing second base in the eighth inning, prompting a visit from trainer Ray Ramirez. Wright then received a visit from his manager after advancing to third base, but remained in the game.

After the Mets' 3-2 loss to the Miami Marlins on Wednesday night, Wright would not even initially acknowledge he was injured.

"What was going on with what?" Wright said as the postgame interview began, feigning there was no issue.

Terry Collins described the issue as a cramp that also affected Wright during the weekend in D.C. -- although it is entirely possible Wright has a strain since the third baseman offered no indication he had sought an MRI.

Both Wright and Collins said Wright would be in the lineup for Thursday's matinee series finale.

"I'm fine. I'll be playing tomorrow. So it's no big deal," Wright said. "You go through things during the season and you either play through it or you can't. And I can play through this, so I'll be in there tomorrow. ... Like I said, you've got to know what your body can take. I feel like I can take it. It's something that I'll play through it."

Asked if Collins was trying to convince him to leave the game when the manager came to third base with the Marlins making a pitching change in the eighth, Wright said: "I don't know what he was doing out there. I've never seen that before. But I appreciate that he cares. I don't even remember what he said. No, I think he was just checking on me that I was OK. I told him I'll be fine. I appreciated the concern."