Parnell hopes to avoid surgery

NEW YORK -- Bobby Parnell indicated the herniated disk in his neck is pushing on a nerve and causing discomfort down his arm. He hopes the epidural -- an anti-inflammatory injection right on the disk, which he received Monday at the Hospital for Special Surgery -- will calm the issue. He said he is prepared to get a similar injection in a week, after which surgery would be considered if there is no improvement.

Bobby Parnell

Bobby Parnell

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New York Mets

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Parnell said he would be ready for spring training if he did require surgery.

"It's pushing on a nerve. So we've got to get the inflammation out of there and take it one day at a time, see how it goes," Parnell said. "... It's just a holding pattern right now. We'll see what happens. If it works the first time, that's great. I think you can have up to two epidurals. I'm going to try that until I can't anymore. If it doesn't work, then surgery is an option. If I do have surgery, they said I'll be ready for spring training next year. It's just a waiting game right now."

As for the timeline, Parnell said: "The first day it came about was the second day in Miami (July 30). I just thought I slept on it wrong or something like that. What really first caused it was a spasm. I felt it and thought it was a muscle spasm. The training staff worked through it for me, got me ready for the game. I pitched in the game. I had the next day off, just relaxing and everything. It was pretty sore. The third day is I guess when the inflammation really caught up and that is when it was causing me a lot of discomfort. I got about three hours of sleep that night. I couldn't lay down. It went from there. I got the MRI and found out I had the herniated disk.

"The herniated disk is hitting the nerve and it's pushing the pain down through there. It's the neck hitting the nerve that's causing discomfort down the arm. ... It's probably wear and tear. It wasn't one moment where it just happened, except for maybe that spasm. And I'm sure it was before that.

"I don't want the season to end like this," he continued. "I want to get back. But I've got to be smart about it, too. If I go out and re-injure it right quick, it's going to set me back even farther. We'll see how this first shot goes and go from there."