Mets still debating final 40-man add

lastname Walterslastname deGrom NEW YORK -- Sandy Alderson said the Mets will add three or four prospects to the 40-man roster before Wednesday's deadline to protect them from December's Rule 5 draft. The GM added that there still was debate about which final prospects to add.

The Mets' 40-man roster currently is at 36.

A team insider acknowledged that right-handers Jacob deGrom and Jeff Walters are near-locks to add to the roster.

The debate centers on which one or two players to add from outfielder Cory Vaughn and left-handers Chase Huchingson and Steven Matz.

Huchingson is currently serving a 50-game suspension for a second violation involving a drug of abuse, but that would be tabled if he is added to the 40-man roster, since he would then be governed by a different set of guidelines and punishments.