Mejia tosses zeroes for B-Mets


Jenrry Mejia tossed 4 1/3 scoreless innings, allowing three hits, two walks and striking out four in his return to Double-A Binghamton at Trenton after being sidelined with a strain in the back of his rotator cuff. His fastball velocity: 97-98 mph.

"I thought it was a really successful outing for him, I thought he did a really great job," catcher Mike Nickeas said. " All three of his pitches were working, and I thought he was fantastic. I caught him last year when he was with Binghamton and I've caught him in spring training, too. I think he's more mature as a pitcher now. His command with his offspeed pitches is great, and even his fastball, it cuts so much that locating it can be trouble sometimes for him. But he did a great job tonight and I think he's really improving."

Mike Ashmore of the Hunterdon County Democrat/Thunder blog caught up with Mejia and shares these quotes from the pregame and postgame. You can watch the video here.

"I felt pretty good today," Mejia said. "I just tried to throw my pitches for strikes. I just need to throw strikes. Not like perfect pitches, but strikes -- inside, outside, change my speeds between my curveball, changeup, two-seam, four-seam. I have command of everything. I was focusing a lot."

Mejia added that he thinks he can be starting for the Mets this season.

"I do. I do think so," he said. "I'm working really hard for that. I want to be there."

Pregame from Mejia:

On making the Mets Opening Day roster: "I liked it so much. I never think I'd be there like a reliever. But I have to do my job anywhere; reliever, starter, closer, you know. Now, they send me down to make me a starter, and I think it's going to be better. I'm here to do my job, that's it."

On his big league debut: "When they called to the bullpen, they said, 'Mejia, come in the game. I said, 'Who? Oh my gosh.' I was nervous, it was my first day and there were a lot of people there; 45,000 people or something like that. I had to stop looking at the people and look at the glove. Look at the catcher, throw strikes."

On coming back to the minors: "It's not difficult. I've been here before. They said for 2010, they want me as a starter. I started as a reliever. They said I could go to big league camp, so I tried to make the team and go to the big leagues."

On his shoulder: "I feel pretty good right now."

On his mentality/stuff: "I have a big mentality. I want to throw strikes, make every pitch. Make everything work. Somebody say I have a cutter, I don't have a cutter. That's my fastball, it cuts. I'm happy with it, it's a good fastball."

On missing the Futures Game: "When they said I could go to the Futures Game, I wanted to go. But that day, I hurt my finger throwing the ball. It felt like my finger broke. I had to go see a doctor, and he said I had to rest for four weeks. I said, 'Oh my gosh.'"