Sandy punts decision on Harvey rehab site

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Sandy Alderson wants Matt Harvey to rehab this season at the team's Port St. Lucie complex. Harvey would prefer to spend his time in New York, where he lives and so he can be around the team.

The resolution: a deferral of the decision.

"As a general rule, our players rehab in Florida," Alderson said Saturday, after Harvey tossed a baseball for the first time since Oct. 22 Tommy John surgery. "But that's not a decision we're going to make or mandate today. When we get to the end of spring training we'll see where he is, and I'm sure there will be discussion between now and then."

Harvey, based on the collective bargaining agreement, has the right to refuse to work during the season at the spring-training complex for more than 20 days. The newest CBA took a team's ability to mandate a spring-training rehab locale, except for a short period, away from the organization.

"The CBA imposes limitations. Yeah," Alderson said. "But in the past, for the most part, our players have been here and it's been a good situation."