Zack lacks control in shortest career outing

DENVER -- Zack Wheeler said his trouble Friday was as simple as not being able to control his pitches.

"I honestly didn't know where the ball was going today," Wheeler said after allowing a career-high seven runs in four innings in an eventual 10-3 loss to the Colorado Rockies. "I went back and looked at some video and all my balls were running. My two-seam was cutting.

"When they did hit it, they just found holes. It's just one of those days I got my groundballs, but they just found holes."

Wheeler said his lack of control carried over from his warmup session.

"That was a brutal bullpen," Wheeler said. "I had trouble in the bullpen, so I figured it would turn around in the game. That's usually how it goes -- you do terrible in the bullpen and you do well in the game. But it didn't do that."

Wheeler said pitching at high-altitude Coors Field for the first time was not a valid excuse.

"I had a hard time breathing, but it didn't affect how I pitched," he said. "Nothing too crazy."