Alderson: 'Time to turn the corner'

PHILADELPHIA -- In a Q&A with MLB.com, Sandy Alderson said it is "time to turn the corner."

The Mets are 25-29 at exactly one-third of the way through the season, on pace for 75 wins.

Mark Humphrey/Associated Press

Sandy Alderson said it's time for the Mets to take a step forward.

"My goal was not to win 74 games as we did last year," Alderson told the team's web site. "I don't recall specifically what I wrote down or had in mind. But we're not there since we haven't even hit .500. On the other hand, we have had other issues to deal with. This is what I told the fans over the last three years when they asked about the plan, what we are trying to do: acquire and develop talent, create payroll flexibility and win as many games as possible without compromising one and two. So have we been successful in that regard? If you phrase it that way, we've definitely made progress. But now's the time. We've acquired more talent. We have more payroll flexibility. Now's the time to turn the corner and what allows us to turn the corner is eventually our young talent. We're just about at that juncture."

Asked about his progress as GM since his takeover, Alderson said: "I think we're much further along. We have many more young players and prospects. If you just look at the farm system, we're in much better shape than it was. We have eliminated a lot of burdensome, onerous contracts. We would've liked to have won more games over the last three years, but honestly our priority was improving our farm system, getting younger at the major-league level and more flexible payroll-wise."