Game 125: Marlins @ Mets

10:14 p.m: Luis Castillo -- yes, Luis Castillo, -- with the game-winning single. Mets win.

10:10 p.m: Francoeur with a long at-bat, but flies out to deep center. Now, it is up to Josh Thole. He goes the opposite way with a single.

10:01 p.m: Will Ohman in for the Marlins

9:59 p.m: Takahashi gets out of it. Mets with a chance to win it in the ninth.

9:56 p.m.: Hanley with a two-out single, barely sliding in before the throw.

9:49 p.m: Wright strikes out so we are tied at five here, going to the ninth.

9:46 p.m: Beltran RBI single to right. Moves to second on bad play by RF Stanton, who missed cutoff man.

9:43 p.m: Pagan hustles for a two-out double.

9:30 p.m: Bobby Parnell, whom Jerry Manuel thinks could be the Mets' closer of the future, is pitching the eighth.

9:20 p.m: Gaby Sanchez hits a three-run homer off Dickey. Marlins up, 5-4.

9:08 p.m: We go to the seventh, Mets stil up 4-2.

8:59 p.m: Pagan with a one-out double.

8:53 p.m: Dickey is now cruising with a 4-2 lead.

8:43 p.m: Francoeur with another sac fly. Here they come.

8:37 p.m: Wright with a single puts runners on the corners.

8:35 p.m: Carlos Beltran hits an RBI single.

8:33 p.m: Pagan ends up third after his hard line single, skips by center fielder Maybin.

8:30 p.m: Gabby Sanchez nails a double to right. One out in the fifth.

8:24 p.m: Reyes chops out.

8:23 p.m. Dickey walks so there are runners on first and second for Reyes.

8:05 p.m: The Mets have tied on a Helms error.

7:53 p.m: Tejada with a nice play to end the inning.

7:52 p.m: Uggla sac fly. 2-1 Marlins.

7:51 p.m: Ramirez steals second, moves to third on a single and scores on the sac fly from Sanchez.

7:49 p.m: Dickey has flirted with trouble all night. Leadoff single for Ramirez.

7:42 p.m: Frency with a sac fly. Here comes the Mets. 1-nil.

7:36 p.m: D. Wright starts the second with a triple.

7:33 p.m: Dickey escapes with a strikeout of Johnson.

7:31 p.m: Dickey escaped in the first, now he is facing second and third in the second.

7:24 p.m: Mets go down in order. If they get Frenchy going, they'll be fine.

7:19 p.m: Dickey avoids trouble by retring everyone else in the inning.

7:10 p.m: Ramirez leads it off with a single here at empty Citi.

Mets Lineup

Jose Reyes, SS

Angel Pagan, LF

Carlos Beltran, CF

David Wright, 3B

Ike Davis, 1B

Jeff Francoeur, RF

Josh Thole, C

Ruben Tejada, 2B

R.A. Dickey, P

Marlins Lineup

Hanley Ramirez, SS

Logan Morrison, LF

Gaby Sanchez, 1B

Dan Uggla, 2B

Mike Stanton, RF

Wes Helms, 3B

Cameron Maybin, CF

Brett Hayes, C

Josh Johnson, P