Alderson: Mets won't be renters

SAN DIEGO -- Sandy Alderson perhaps stated the obvious, but the GM told the Post that the Mets will not be renting players in the final year of their contracts at the trade deadline.

“I don’t think we would deal significant prospects or significant value for somebody who is going to help us for a couple of months,” Alderson told the newspaper. “We spent too much time improving our minor-league system and setting ourselves up for the future to commit significant resources to somebody in a deal that is only going to help us for a short period of time. In that sense we would probably be looking for somebody who can help us longer term as well.”

As for how winning eight of 10 games on their first-half-closing homestand has affected his thinking, Alderson said: "I think the last 10 games were important because they make the next 10 games relevant to what happens at the trade deadline. We’ll see what happens over the next 10 days or so. But certainly the last 10 games have to make us a little more optimistic.”

Regarding Daniel Murphy, Alderson told the Post: “We’re not actively looking to trade Daniel Murphy by any means. That situation will resolve itself over time.”