No inclination to promote Flores

Adam Rubin

Wilmer Flores is sticking in Triple-A despite a 20-game hitting streak.

SAN DIEGO -- Wilmer Flores is on a 20-game hitting streak with Triple-A Las Vegas while rotating among shortstop, second base and third base. Despite a .325 average with 12 homers in 200 Pacific Coast League at-bats this season, however, Terry Collins offered no indication a return to the majors is near.

“I don’t want to bring young guys up here and have them sit on the bench,” Collins said. “I just don’t think it’s good for their development. If Wilmer Flores comes, I think he’s going to have to play someplace, because I don’t think he gets anything out of sitting on the bench playing once a week.

“If he was going to be the future utility player down the road, OK, maybe. But this guy’s bat potential is so good, there’s nothing wrong with going and having a big year in Triple-A.”