Report: Niese, Grandy clear waivers

PHILADELPHIA -- Jonathon Niese and Curtis Granderson have cleared waivers, making them eligible to be traded this month, Jon Heyman reports at CBSSports.com.

lastname Granderson

lastname Niese Teams routinely put their players through waivers in August with no intention of moving them, in part to mask other players they hope to sneak through. In fact, Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg reportedly were placed on waivers, claimed and pulled back in recent days by the Washington Nationals.

Granderson going unclaimed means no team wanted to risk getting the remainder of his four-year, $60 million contract dumped on them by the Mets.

Niese clearing may be as harmless as no team wasting time putting in a claim on a pitcher they don't believe the Mets would consider trading anyway.

The real player to watch is Bartolo Colon, who had not been placed on waivers yet this month as of a few days ago, according to ESPN's Jayson Stark.