Collins explains why ump laughed at him

Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY Sports

Umpire Gary Cederstrom ejects Terry Collins on June 11 when the manager continued to argue after the play already had been reviewed by replay officials.MIAMI -- Remember when Terry Collins was ejected at Citi Field 10 days ago for taking the field to confront umpire Gary Cederstrom after a fifth-inning play already had been reviewed by replay officials?

Collins finally explained Saturday why Cederstrom was laughing immediately after the manager came out to argue.

It was assumed by observers that Collins must have asked to be ejected, knowing full well that he was prohibited from taking the field to complain after the play was adjudicated by MLB’s replay officials.

The real reason?

“He laughed because I called him by the wrong name, and I’ve known him for 40 years,” Collins said. “I called him Jerry and not Gary and he laughed.”

Even though television replays showed Taylor Teagarden beat out the disputed fifth-inning play, first-base umpire Angel Hernandez’s original out call stood after a replay review.

Collins said he has paid a “big fine” for arguing after the play was reviewed. Managers are prohibited from continuing to dispute decisions at that point.

Collins wrote a note with his fine payment saying Cederstrom did a good job in allowing the manager to vent, since Cederstrom knew Collins was in the right after seeing replays on the scoreboard.

“I saw the replay 10 times. And he’s safe,” Collins said Saturday, continuing to express dismay that the play was not reversed after being challenged. “When I first went out there [after the unsuccessful replay review], I said, ‘I know you’ve got to toss me.’”