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Buchholz back in baseball as HS coach

February, 20, 2012
Taylor Buchholz's hometown newspaper, the Delaware County Daily Times, caught up with the former Mets reliever at his home in Springfield, Pa., and Buchholz continued to speak candidly about his depression and anxiety issues.

“It was all a big lie,” Buchholz told the newspaper about his baseball career. “I put this fake smile on and pretended everything was all right until I finally just cracked and said, ‘I need to get help.’ I hit a wall. There was something truly wrong with me. ... Being a perfectionist is a double-edged sword. You have to be one, to an extent, to succeed on that level. But I let that take over. Perfectionism led to a downward spiral for me.”

Buchholz, 30, is involved with baseball this season, he told the newspaper. He is serving as pitching coach for the Springfield high school program for which he played as a youth.

“He’s been progressively getting better,” said Jeff Smith, the program's head baseball coach, who was an assistant there when Buchholz was a player. “I wanted to make sure his health was good and that he was ready to get back to the game. He agreed and now he’s taking a leadership role and interacting with these kids and it’s great to see. He’s truly excited and perking up while keeping his foot in the game.”

Buchholz's agent, David Pasti, told on Jan. 30 that his client planned to skip the 2012 major league season, but would re-sign with the Mets if he decided otherwise.

"If he signs with anyone, it would be with the Mets," Pasti said. "The way they handled the situation with Taylor meant a lot to him. The Mets really cared about him. As of right now, Taylor is taking the year off. He's feeling great, but not ready to get back into baseball. He's taking it one day at a time."



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