Matt Harvey pens piece for Jeter site

NEW YORK -- Matt Harvey wrote a first-person account of his rehab from Tommy John surgery on Derek Jeter's web site, The Players' Tribune.

lastname Harvey Harvey is identified as New York City Bureau Chief.

He tells about a trip to Laos, where he went unrecognized, to escape shortly after surgery. He also writes:

You don’t make it in the majors if you’re not a competitor, and I wanted to be out on the field so bad. But to be honest, the worst part about my injury was feeling like I was letting my teammates down. My team is my second family. That’s how I’ve always felt about the game of baseball. It’s the same on the Mets as it was at UNC, where I played college ball for three years.

Whether you’re winning or losing, when you’re sidelined, you miss out on the energy that makes a team a team.