Mets don't expect any fireworks as Noah Syndergaard faces Royals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- New York Mets manager Terry Collins emphatically stated pregame that he expected no hostilities between his team and the Kansas City Royals during Tuesday's game.

Noah Syndergaard threw the first pitch of Game 3 of the World Series past Alcides Escobar and to the backstop, infuriating the Royals. Syndergaard said after that game that if the Royals had been so displeased, he was waiting 60 feet, six inches away.

A report last month in Newsday suggested Kansas City intended to get payback this series. Syndergaard opposes ex-Met Chris Young in Tuesday's finale of the two-game season-opening series.

Collins is particularly skeptical because he doubts any intended retribution would have been announced beforehand.

"I don't think anything is going to happen. I don't think anything was going to happen," Collins said pregame Tuesday. "And, if it does, obviously people are going to say something. The commissioner's office and a few other people are going to be involved. I think that's made up -- whoever said it, wherever it came from. I was with the Pirates at one time when guys used to make up trades just to have something to talk about in spring training. Nothing was ever true. I don't think there will be anything today. [Syndergaard] doesn't hit. The only way to get back at him is to go swing the bat, which they're going to do anyway."

Syndergaard said last week: "I don't think they're too fond of me, but as far as retaliation goes, I really don't know what they're going to retaliate against. All I did was establish the inner part of the plate. So I don't know what this whole retaliation talk is all about. But it's going to be an interesting time. ... I simply threw a pitch on the inside corner. Elevated. A purpose pitch. I don't really see how any retaliation could be made."

Incidentally, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is attending Tuesday's game. The Royals will distribute their championship rings in a pregame ceremony.