Fight for Dwight only just beginning

The NBA All-Star Game is over. And now, the fun begins.

Monday means about 2.5 weeks until the March 15 trade deadline.

As of now, Dwight Howard is still with the Magic. He still loves Orlando, too, calling it “my city” before Sunday night’s game.

“I said exactly how I felt, and I said it from the heart,” D-12 said after the East lost to the West, 152-149, according to the Magic’s official website.

TNT reported that Howard’s mom loves Orlando and doesn’t want him to leave, but D-12 said after the game “that’s my mom’s opinion.”

Orlando wants Howard to stay. The Nets want Howard to be the centerpiece of their move to Brooklyn next season along with Deron Williams. And other teams will likely be interested in his services as well.

Something has to give. Of course, a lot can change in 2.5 weeks.

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