NBA scout: Lopez favors finesse too much

Guards usually have lower field goal percentages than forwards and especially centers, who play closer to the basket, but don't tell that to Brook Lopez. He already knows what he has to change. "I don't think I've been aggressive in certain facets of my game, whether it be defensively or when I get the ball in the post," said Lopez, who's shooting a career-worst 42.2% from the field -- unheard of for an All-Star-caliber center -- and he's only getting to the line 4.5 times, a drop-off from last season (New York Post). One Eastern Conference scout said that Lopez doesn't go inside enough (The Star-Ledger)."I wouldn’t say 'soft,'" he said. "I would use the term "finesse.' He’s got great touch for a 7-footer, and I think he relies on it more than he should, at times."

Avery Johnson on Lopez's developmental plan: "He's been working with me for 13 games, and he's not there yet (New York Post). He's not a finished product. He's 22 years old ... We're holding him more accountable defensively, and I think recently you've seen him defend the paint a little bit better than he did a week ago. Now we're working on offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds and finishing in the paint. Ten games from now, 20 more games from now, let's look at that area." It wouldn't hurt Lopez if he watched some game tape of teammate Derrick Favors' play around the basket, especially with his rebounding. If Favors played about the same amount of minutes as Lopez, he'd be averaging nearly twice as many boards as him (11.2 versus 6.3, another career-low for Lopez). And that's why Favors is getting some very good reviews in just 20 minutes a game, even more so than Blake Griffin and DeMarcus Cousins (NBA.com).

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