Serena Williams 'so over' 2009 outburst

Serena Williams had a tough exchange with a journalist in the press conference after her 49-minute win in the second round. She was asked about the exchange with a line judge at the 2009 U.S. Open, where she used some vibrant profanity to debate a call. The episode made headlines at the time, but Williams did not want to answer questions about the incident on Thursday.

"I'm so over it," Williams said. "You should be, too."

When pressed, Williams said the reporter should find someone else to discuss the topic with.

"Well, then you can talk about it maybe with some of the journalists," Williams said. "Gosh, that was like so long ago. I've died basically and come back and nobody's really writing or thinking about that."

Williams had surgery to remove a pulmonary embolism last April. She was later treated for a hematoma. Both are serious medical conditions, yet she won two tournaments leading up to the U.S. Open and is considered a favorite despite being the 28th seed.