'Jeter tweeters' send birthday wishes

New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter turned 36 on Saturday, and even though he was more than 2,000 miles away in Los Angeles, the Big Apple was eager to wish him a happy birthday -- including at least one Mets fan.

When ESPNNewYork.com asked fans to post birthday wishes on Twitter to the future Hall of Famer, user @MrFoteah responded to the call, writing: "even us Mets fans recognize Jeter as a consummate pro and alltime NY great. Happy bday."

MrFoteah wasn't alone. ESPNNewYork.com selected -- and retweeted -- 10 other memorable birthday greetings for the Captain, including a couple more from fans of rival teams and one from all the way in Brazil.

Here's the full list of our favorite Jeter tweets:

@lennygreenblatt: "Happy Birthday Derek! As a gift...I'd like to negotiate your next contract and only charge you 1%!!!!! You're welcome!!!!"

@marciaherold: "It's your birthday, but we get the gift. Happy Birthday Derek Jeter!"

@xXSuperJudeXx: "Happy Birthday Derek, 10 stunningly beutiful women for every year on earth + 5 world championships. Must be depressing :P"

@pjtriano: "Happy Birthday to #2 in our program, but #1 in our hearts! Derek...Jeter...#2!"

@Logan_G83: "happy bday jetes can't believe your 36, your play and style doesn't show your age. How bout a homer on your bday!"

@Jose_RosadoCT: "To the captain!! Happy Birthday Derek Jeter! Alwys classy on and off the field"

@CaesarMcMagic: "Dear Derek Jeter, @ESPNNewYork asked me to wish you a happy birthday. Bah humbug! Signed, Still bitter about Jeffrey Maier O's fan."

@DWCSTAR: "From a Phils phan--Happy bday DJ2NY--Class act and my favorite player not in Philly!!"

@lctherook: "Feliz aniversário Derek Jeter! Happy 36th from Brazil! Yankees fans will always love you!!! "Oh captain, my captain"

And last but not least ...

@Chakrabs: "Happy Birthday Derek Jeter! ESPNNY wants free social media advertising!"

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