Road to the Race: Body Work

Road To The Race - Body Work (1:51)

Shandi Kano is running the New York City Marathon on Sunday and this is her journey the days leading up to the big day. (1:51)

For the 45,000 runners who will lace them up for Sunday’s New York City Marathon, it's about challenge and dedication. It's even more so for Shandi Kano of Connecticut.

A competitive runner since the age of 5, Kano ran track and field and cross country in high school and for Brigham Young University. After graduating from college the next big challenge for the 25-year-old distance runner is a marathon. Giving her inspiration is the charity she's running for, Achilles International, an organization that supports disabled athletes. She has raised over $2,500 for the group.

Training hasn't been easy. Kano has battled injuries that she’s never faced before in the 20 years she’s been running. This past week she began experiencing spasms in her right foot which has made even walking painful. With just days to go, as you will see, she is receiving treatment and is determined to start -- and finish -- on Sunday.

Her journey is every runner's journey. You can follow it here.

Friday, see how Kano, an ESPN.com video editor, is battling her injuries to keep up her vigorous training regimen.