Giants fans wild about Amukamara pick

NEW YORK -- Giants fans literally danced in the aisles when they saw Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara on the phone as their team was on the clock -- the telltale sign of an impending selection. Amukamara was cheered loudly when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the Giants had selected him with the No. 19 overall pick.

"I like the pick," said Pat Rebain of New City, N.Y. "I think it's the case of, pick the best person on the board." Rebain said that, from the vantage point of the Radio City audience, it was hard to know what picks were still available. That might have contributed to the loud cheers when Giants fans here saw Amukamara on the phone when the Giants were on the clock. Rebain said the Giants still need to address the offensive line, but he was happy with the pick.