86 Days: Best Super Bowl ever?

He's definitely in a New York state of mind. AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

Each day from now until Feb. 2, ESPNNewYork.com will take you inside the challenge of staging the most unpredictable NFL title game ever. There are 86 days to the Super Bowl.

Time for something a little different: Part 2 of a lighthearted two-part look at why this will be the best, or maybe the worst, Super Bowl of all time. Click here for Part 1.

Super Bowl XLVIII is going to be the best Super Bowl ever. Let us count the ways:

I <3 New York: New York City is the center of the universe anyway, but during Super Bowl week it will officially get the recognition, as celebs and VIPs from all over the world book their chartered planes.

Give Us Your Money: Local hotels, restaurants -- even those souvenir stands in Times Square, they all stand to make bank during the week leading up to the game. Think of all the Denver Broncos fans or Indianapolis Colts faithful who will head home with a classy miniature Statue of Liberty for the mantle.

Cheap Tickets: No, really -- local NFL fans might actually get a seat for this year’s Super Bowl when rich folks who bought tickets in Houston realize they have no intention of riding out a snowstorm from the upper deck. Those tickets flood the secondary market, and you can name your own price, my friend. Speaking of weather ...

The Great Blizznado of 2014: You know it’s coming -- it will be delightfully disruptive, and you'll a front-row seat.

It's Pronounced SEE-caucus: Given the lack of parking at MetLife for the Super Bowl, visitors will actually have to figure out public transportation. And locals who finally take the train to the game might like it.

Pardon Me, Mr. Pitt: New Yorkers will be tripping over celebrities, and not just the regulars like Steve Buscemi and Katie Holmes. Of course New Yorkers don’t care. But still. (I have no specific intel on Brad Pitt, sorry.)

I’m With Mr. Pitt: Remember how fun it was sneaking into places you weren’t supposed to go? With all the parties the week before the Super Bowl, dress nicely and you'll probably be able to get into a few.

You’ll Need A New Coat: To get into all those parties! The Super Bowl is an excellent excuse to go shopping.

Taste of the NFL: We can’t all afford a $700 ticket, but this Super Bowl-eve celebration of food and football on the Brooklyn waterfront, to benefit food pantries in NFL cities should warrant the price. In the meantime, cultivate wealthy friends and become the perfect guest.

The Game: We don’t know who is playing yet, but we know it will probably be great. Super Bowls have been more competitive in recent years, so even if the New York Jets and New York Giants aren’t in the first New York/New Jersey Super Bowl, it will still be worth watching.

Your turn: Why will this be the best Super Bowl ever? Use the comments section below.

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