40 Days: Some Super holiday gifts

Happy holidays from your friends at ESPNNewYork.com -- and may all your open-face turkey sandwiches be as delicious as they appeared in the photo on the menu. Courtesy of HBO

Each day from now until Feb. 2, ESPNNewYork.com will take you inside the challenge of staging the most unpredictable NFL title game ever. There are 40 days until the Super Bowl.

With Christmas upon us, we have a bag full of gifts for local football types and members of the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl Host Committee.

To CEO Al Kelly: A personal weatherman, and a hundred stories showcasing the Greatest City on Earth (and the sliver of New Jersey across the river).

To ticketholders for Super Bowl 48: Mufflers, wool socks, a flask of bourbon (plastic, because it's likely to be confiscated by heavy security), pocket-warmers, battery-powered electric blankets and warm and friendly neighbors.

To Tom Coughlin: Two Lombardi trophies on loan from the Giants trophy case, so that he can watch the Super Bowl in good company.

To Gov. Chris Christie: Flunkies who will not randomly close access roads to the George Washington Bridge. Again.

To the New York Giants and New York Jets: Motivation. Don’t get mad that two other teams will play for the championship on your field -- get even.

To business owners near MetLife Stadium: Since fans won’t be able to walk to the Super Bowl, your gift is a free shuttle bus that will take fans from your establishment to a train station a few miles away, so that they can then ride the train to MetLife. (If they are really lucky, this loop will only take ticketholders an additional three hours to complete!)

To New Jersey residents: A lack of confusion from out-of-towners about whether or not The Sopranos was a documentary.

To Rex Ryan: Job security. He’s earned it.

To Super Bowl visitors: That local hotels and restaurants realize that, to reference Seinfeld, it’s easy to take the reservation, but the important part is to keep the reservation.

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