New York Report: Eli Manning

FanSpeak: Super Blue

February, 8, 2012

A quick riff on the hottest topic on The New York Football Giants winning the Super Bowl.

From Champion Giants Return Home:

"Giant fans, you all should be on your knees thanking Ahmad Bradshaw. If he had not gone into the end zone at the end, and had, instead, sat down at the 1, the dumbest play in sports history would have occurred. In the NFL a player must be touched by a defender to be considered 'down.' If he had just sat down, a Patriot defender could have simply knocked the ball out of his hands, and fumble, you lose. I am still stunned by how stupid everyone was at the end of that game, even Belichick. I mean, he LET the other team score the go ahead points in the game, with LESS THAN ONE MINUTE REMAINING. Seriously, you cannot be more stupid than that. Or actually, you could have, if Bradshaw had not gone into the end zone."
- jabbadonut

Ed.'s note -- I’m pretty sure that Bradshaw can give himself up in the same way a QB would slide. He could have just fallen on the ball and it’s pretty unlikely the Patriots would have been able to cause a fumble. Statistically, Lawrence Tynes is 56 for 57 on FGs between 20 and 29 yards and he would have been able to pick exactly where he would kick from.

"Coughlin won't win a game this Sunday. Media will call for his head."
- 52ppPassport

Ed.'s note -- Not true! Normally the media waits until November.

From Gisele Bundchen blasts Pats WRs:

"Man Brady lets us down again bigtime. never beat winning teams.
1. safeties
2. interceptions
3. wild out of control passes
4. now second SB he's blown against giants

shoot i can't wait til brady leaves or retire. tired of all the losing"

Ed.'s note -- Wow, all the losing? He’s 124-35 in the regular season and 14-6 in the postseason. What's the deal with all the Patriots fans commenting on our stories, anyway?

"Hey Gisele... Was it the receivers fault that Tom threw the ball 25 yards over everybody while in the endzone, thus causing a 2 pt. safety call?.. Was it the receivers fault that Tom threw a God -awful pass that got picked?..I suppose it was the receivers fault for the 3 batted balls, and 3 deflected passes Tom threw too huh?..Just like the 2 sacks ( one that husrt his shoulder again ), were their fault as well. I forget Gisele. Where did you play receiver at again?.. I don't remember seeing you on any high school, college, NFL, (or even the Lingerie Womens football league) team."
- Raysrock070

Ed.'s note -- Honestly, Gisele in the Lingerie Football League sounds amazing. I think it would be great if Brady and other NFL players were coaches. The Hard Knocks show would be incredible as well.

"Just saw this on the wire under NFL transactions: NEW ENGLAND -- Hired Gisele Bundchen as receivers coach."
- pacerpride35

Ed.'s note -- Hmm. This puts my women’s football league plans on hold, I had already started planning OTAs!

From Coughlin wants to keep going:

''To better their chances of a repeat, Giants owner John Mara announces Tom Coughlin is on the hot seat again.''
- ChrisTophW726

Ed.'s note -- Makes sense.

From our Facebook page:

"Imagine.. Eli wasn't even picked as one of the top 100 players at the beginning of the season.. That's ok.. I'm sure he prefers the rings.."
- Robert Leal

Ed.'s note -- It’s really incredible how underrated Eli was. He had to make the argument that he was elite and people laughed. Well, Eli is laughing in his Corvette while admiring those two pretty rings on his fingers. What a season!

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FanSpeak: Super Bowl is 'a done deal'

February, 1, 2012

A quick riff on the hottest topic on The New York Football Giants going the the Super Bowl.

From this Ian O'Connor column about Eli's toughness:

"In the early stages of his career many questioned whether he was the right guy for New York because he was not fiery or animated enough. His temperament serves him and the Giants well, because he does not let emotion control his play, he remains focus even after all the critics take shots at him."
- giantsattack56

Ed.'s note -- I like his temperament as well. When a leader is really fired up and vocal it can affect the entire team negatively, Eli really leads by example.

"just another day at the office for Easy-E is all"
- cusp24

Ed.'s note -- Please don't refer to Eli as “Easy-E,” we already have one and I just can’t don’t want to imagine Eli Manning rapping.

From Confident Giants arrive in Indy:

"Chad Ochocinco gave his team mates noise canceling headphones, so they do not have to hear the Giants celebration after the game."
- EricSchlecht

Ed.'s note -- That was very nice of him.

"Breaking news - Ochocinco is changing his name for this one game to Cero Uno.
Cero for the number of catches he will have.
Uno for the number of plays he will be on the field"
- obl1

Ed.'s note -- I think he will be on the field more than that. He could let Tiquan Underwood (a Rutgers guy born in New Brunswick) have the name Uno Cero though.

"It's a done deal. No cameras for the cheaters. Didn't beat a single good team during the regular season. Belicheat resorting to transparently fake Gronkowski injury news.

"The Pats are laughable this year. Expect a blowout. And then expect the excuses from the Pats fans.

"Your Sox mailed it in, get ready for your Pats to FedEx it in"
- Dr. Martin van Nostran
Ed.'s note -- The doctor has spoken.

We'll run FanSpeak in this space on a regular basis, so keep commenting and make your voices heard! (Hey, at least now you know we're paying attention.)

FanSpeak: A Giant win

January, 18, 2012

A quick riff on the hottest topic on The New York Football Giants.

From the Rapid Reaction:

"Final Score: Giants 37, Refs 14, Packers 6. If the NFL has a shred of respect for themselves they better investigate why the Giants got the short end of the stick from the refs in their last 2 games with the Packers. Blatant blown calls, attempting to get the Packers back in the game. What happened, the refs got a paycheck from State Farm Insurance?"

"I said it before the playoffs to my friends. The old saying that defense wins championships is NOT outdated."

Ed.'s note -- San Francisco allowed the second-fewest points in the regular season (229) and Baltimore allowed the third-fewest (266). New England is average with 15th fewest and the Giants allowed 400 points (25th in the league).

From Manning does it again vs. Packers:

"The bigger question is: Will Eli one day be considered a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame? Seeing how he's grown as a leader, a passer, and as a person, I think one day it will be a unequivocal yes."

Ed.'s note -- Not so fast, Matt. I’m not sold that Eli can ever really be a shoo-in. At least not without a few more rings. His career completion percentage is only 58.4% and his career passer rating is 82.1 and given that he is 31 he needs to get those numbers up quick.

"HEY RODGERS........Discount Double check your recievers!"

Ed.'s note -- Someone had to say it.

From Eli entertains idea of Peyton as a neighbor:

"New York is Eli's city. If Peyton comes to the Jets he would have to get used to playing in Eli's shadow for the little brother franchise."

Ed.'s note -- That would take sibling rivalry to a new level.

From our Facebook page:

"Packers went from mozzarella to limburger in the span of 60 minutes."
-Lee Ron Coleman Ray

Ed.'s note -- It’s funny because it’s true.

We'll run FanSpeak in this space on a regular basis, so keep commenting and make your voices heard! (Hey, at least now you know we're paying attention.)