New York Report: Iman Shumpert

FanSpeak: Who takes the last shot?

March, 6, 2012

A quick riff on the hottest topic on the New York Knicks.

From Anthony comes up short when it counts

"The last shot should go to the best shooter. The best shooter on the Knicks is not Melo."
- The_Woo_Woo_Kid

Ed.'s note -- Really? Who is it? I definitely want Carmelo Anthony taking the last shot if I'm a Knicks fan.

"How quick people are to forget Melo's heroics last year in the playoffs and how we nearly won both games, even when that squad had so much less talent than this one? Or how he made game winners against Philly and Memphis? No one makes all their shots, not even Kobe, dubbed the best closer in this generation, and as shots go, this wasn't exactly an open elbow jumper, this was a guarded fadeaway, off-balance, baseline jumper that was his best option in 2.5 seconds of regulation time left."
- coldwinter95

Ed.'s note -- True, I just think Knicks fans wish that this was settled by now.

From the Opening Tip: Fields or Shumpert?

"Of course D'Antoni will use the less effective defensive shooting guard in his starting line-up.

"People need to realize that Mike D'Antoni is a GLORIFIED OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR.

"Shumpert and Baron need to start over Lin and Fields for the sake of DEFENSE."
- Duane_Wade

Ed.'s note -- I agree with Iman Shumpert starting, but I think Jeremy Lin has earned his spot at the point. Lin is 10-4 in games where he has played more than 10 minutes and Baron Davis is still coming back after his herniated disk. Shumpert gives the Knicks a defensive presence that they don’t have in the starting lineup.

From Could Baron close games over Lin?

"Baron Davis, career .409 shooter ... his *career high* .439 was six years ago.

"There not only isn't any reason to close games with this bricklayer, there's no reason to pay him."
- Baron Harkonnen

Ed.'s note -- Can we all agree that Davis shouldn't take the last shot?

"Wow. You guys turned on Lin faster than a New York minute. There's no way that Baron Davis takes this starting job from Lin; at least not yet. Baron Davis has come back and played under five games. A lot of this heat on Lin has come from bad personnel decisions from D'Antoni. Had he put in Novak for a larger share of STAT's minutes, I doubt the Knicks would have lost in Boston. Novak spreads the floor and doesn't eat up driving lanes like Amare does. Baron has an arrogance on the ball to the likes which I've never seen. Several of his first passes were simply thrown away into the crowd with no teammate in sight. Besides, if you look at the statistics, Lin leads Davis in every essential stat there is. So calm down Knicks fans. The sky is not falling, but the honeymoon phase of Linsanity is over."
- pittpanther91

Ed.'s note -- Agreed, although I would say that most Knicks fans are still behind Lin.

We'll run FanSpeak in this space on a regular basis, so keep commenting and make your voices heard! (Hey, at least now you know we're paying attention.)

FanSpeak: Still all Lin?

February, 22, 2012

What was the sound you heard in the comments section on the site around 10 p.m. on Monday? That was people jumping off the Jeremy Lin bandwagon and onto the Deron Williams bandwagon (which is still waiting for a nickname: suggestions are welcome in the comments).

From the Rapid Reaction:

"Shumpert was really missed tonight"
- BarcelonaCatalunya

Ed.'s note -- I completely agree. Iman Shumpert was out with a knee injury and he could have helped on D, especially with outside shooting. Ian Begley even wrote about this post-game.

"Bottom line is, any NBA team shoots 31 threes and makes 49%, you have to play perfect offense to beat them. This is a one-off loss, with new people on the floor and the Nets shooting like Bird in an All-Star contest. Move on and get ready for Atlanta. Right now, the Knicks have what I'd call 'positive problems,' like your wallet being too small to hold all your Benjamins...."

Ed.'s note -- True, it’s not the end of the world and Lin isn’t perfect but that doesn’t mean it’s time for Knicks fans to hit the panic button.

"Melo had freaking 6 Turnovers 4/11 on the field. lol We will see later on if Melo can get his game going."
- Neo21221

Ed.'s note -- Carmelo Anthony wasn’t himself. If chemistry is still a major problem after playing Atlanta, Miami and Cleveland then Knicks fans can start screaming from the rooftops.

"Why blame Melo tonight? Its obviously Lebrons fault"
- Myanks26

Ed.'s note -- I can’t find a reason it’s not LeBron’s fault.

"Face it Lin'wagon fans. DWILL took him to school. He is NOT a good defender. Imagine what's going to happen when he plays against CP3, Westbrook, & Rose."
- Drunyce86

Ed.'s note -- I don’t think Lin could have expected a career 35% three-point shooter to explode and go 8-for-14 behind the arc.

From Carmelo Anthony returns Monday:

"Shouldn't Lin adjust TOO? While all the comments about Melo ALONE having to adjust? They have many new players on this team and are playing together for the first time. They ALL need to adapt and adjust, starting with the person who touches the ball 80% of the time. Melo is a world-class player, Lin is unproven, we don't know where in the NBA food chain he will settle. When Baron Davis is in basketball shape let's see what happens to Lin's minutes."
- 1111Frodo

Ed.'s note -- Lin needs to adjust as well. He is currently adjusting to tons of stuff: being a star NBA player, being expected to be amazing and playing so many minutes. As Jared Zwerling pointed out, the elite PGs only play about 35 minutes a game and Lin has gone from barely playing to 45 minutes every game. I think Baron Davis letting Lin get some rest will be crucial for the rest of the Knicks’ season.

"Melo straight up for World Peace"
- tenthousandlakes1966

Ed.'s note -- Are we talking about peace in the world or that guy who wears number 15 for the Lakers who is averaging 4.7 points per game and used to be Ron Artest? If it’s the former: I say go for it! If it’s the latter, then Knicks fans will be able to really question the team’s chemistry.

We'll run FanSpeak in this space on a regular basis, so keep commenting and make your voices heard! (Hey, at least now you know we're paying attention.)