New York Report: Tim Tebow

FanSpeak: Not so Tiny Tim

June, 14, 2012

The Jets want Tim Tebow to gain some weight. Is this a sign of something larger?

From Tim Tebow aiming to gain weight:

"Tim Tebow is a beacon of hope for 3rd string QB's all across the nation...."
- p1anther

Ed.'s note -- Come on, he can't be behind Greg McElroy!

"Football games are won and lost as a team, and im sure Tebow would be the first person to say that. He needs to put a muzzle on his nutjob fans. It would be nice if he would quietly go into his role as a running back and on special teams. That is the best thing he cold do for this team."
- NYsportsfan223

Ed.'s note -- Nothing Tebow does has done has been quiet since he was in college.

"Move along. He has already proven that he can, that he can lead and that he can WIN. And that was on a Good not Great Broncos team. He will prove yet again and he will get this shot, this year, as the JETS Starting QB and he will turn them around just like he did with the Broncos. SO SHUT UP AND WAIT FOR IT...You too will be TEBOWED! TEBOWING!!!"
- jstone616

Ed.'s note -- Can you Tebow somebody? My dictionary does not have a definition of Tebow as a verb … at least not yet.

"Human cloning is generally a bad idea. Except if we can clone Tebow, the world would be a better place. We'll need about 100,000 copies, give or take, to start. (you guessed it, I'm a Tebow fan)"
- bsco32

Ed.'s note -- 100,000 copies and 32 teams would mean 3,125 per team and would mean that every team would have to cut Tebow thousands of times.

"Normally we get 'news' stories about Kardashians weight gain. Now we have a 'news' story about Tebow gaining weight.

"Conclusion: Tebow is a Kardashian."

Ed.'s note -- Which Kardashian is Tebow?

From Tebow responds to Bruschi criticism:

"He will shut up as soon as Mark starts performing on the field."
- Scorp981

Ed.'s note -- And what happens if Mark Sanchez doesn't perform well this season?

From Day 3: Minicamp observations:

"The Sanchise only completed 1 of 10 passes. Te-bow completes 3 of 4. Sounds like Te-bow time. Of course, Rex thought The Sanchise played awesome."
- jgpeters11

Ed.'s note -- "The Sanchise" is an interesting nickname, but could Sanchez use a new one? We're open to suggestions. Hey, at least you know we're paying attention.

FanSpeak: Tim Te-boo?

April, 17, 2012

Tim Tebow ventured into Yankee Stadium and was met with boos from Yankee fans. Was this deserved?

From Booing Tebow: Was it you?:

"yankee fans are giants fans. he has not done anything for new york yet. eli manning is just as generous as tim tebow, yet you dont hear bout it because he does it not for the publicity but bc hes a descent human being. im not saying tebow isnt, but when you have the chance to play in your hometown, go home and not to ny. we dont need to be driving through the city seeing posters of some guy who is in for a rude awakening at the hands of rex ryan. rex is saying all the right things now, but what happens when his profanity is too vulgar for him. tebow... go home and save some franchise that needs saving, not some place where they have a qb."
- Jimboslice1104

Ed.'s note -- The Yankees/Giants and Mets/Jets bond is real but it seemed as if the fans were booing Tebow as a public figure more than as a football player.

"And, yes, the morons in Yankee Stadium were clearly booing Wade because he helped beat the Knicks. If New York Yankee fans are ANYTHING, it's bad losers. Keep crying you bums."
- georohrs270

Ed.'s note -- Would cheering for Dwyane Wade make them good losers?

"I was sitting directly behind them and we didn't hear much in the way of boos. I shouted "Start him! Start him now!"
- TPman101

Ed.'s note -- He'll be hearing a lot more of that.

From Yankees fans boo Tim Tebow:

"welcome to NY tim. you have to prove yourself before you get cheered. eli manning used to be booed, then he won two super bowls, and he is now one of the most recognizable and respected figures in the city. you go to the stadium of the most successful franchise in sports history without having proved a damn thing, and you will get booed"
- mikesportsfan8

Ed.'s note -- Booing is the default setting for New York fans. Work your way up to standing ovations by winning a championship.

"i dont think tebow was ever booed in college or denver. let's see if it has any major effect. I'm guessing it doesn't"
- vamanos amigos

Ed.'s note -- If he’s any good it won’t.

The Jets and Giants are just getting started, the Rangers and Devils are in the playoffs, the Knicks are looking to the playoffs and the Mets and Yanks are in full swing. Keep those comments coming (hey, at least you know we're paying attention).

1050 podcast highlights: Week of April 2

April, 6, 2012
This week on ESPN New York 1050 we found out BoSox manager Bobby Valentine has "real things to worry about." We also heard from Mike Woodson about that ugly loss to the Pacers.

Ruocco & Lundberg broke bread with Rangers great Mike Richter at 1050's "Lunch with A Legend" event.

For good measure, we're also throwing in last Friday's chat between Tim Tebow, Michael Kay and Don La Greca.

Tim Tebow: March 30

Tim Tebow discusses his new team, the New York media, his status as a backup QB and Rex Ryan's use of strong language.

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Mike Richter: April 3

Legendary goaltender Mike Richter reflects on the Rangers' 1994 Stanley Cup victory.

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Bobby Valentine: April 4

Bobby Valentine discusses the upcoming Red Sox season, losing his closer and Curt Schilling's recent criticism.

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Mike Woodson: April 4

Mike Woodson discusses the Knickerbockers' collapse against Indy and the team's postseason prospects.

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FanSpeak: Excited for Tebow?

March, 27, 2012

Did you hear the news? Tim Tebow is excited to be a New York Jet! But are the fans happy to have him?

From NYC is perfect for Mr. (Good) Deeds:

"'Forget South Beach, I'm taking my lack of talent to the Jersey Shore. - Tim Tebow"
- otasan

Ed.'s note -- It worked for the cast of the reality show.

"Let's see ... the Bills destroyed the Tebow-led Broncos last year, as did the Patriots twice. Jets really should not wish for Tebow to win the starting QB job, as his recent performance against the AFC East does not bode well for future success. The Broncos did defeat the Jets and Dolphins last year (barely), however both of those teams missed the playoffs - not exactly a ringing endorsement for entry into Tom Terrific's division. I like the kid personally, but enough about being a "winner" ... let's see him produce when it counts (see the AFC Divisional loss against the patriots). He will be relevant when he produces. I've yet to see it."
- scotts glory

Ed.'s note -- The Broncos last year were first in the NFL in rushing yards and 31st in passing yards. Tebow did not carry that team, the defense and running game did.

"The Jets got what they wanted, to dominate the back page of the NY tabloids. If they want it that bad, they can have them while the Giants win Super Bowls."
- tchaser58

Ed.'s note -- Even though Woody Johnson insists it was not a PR move, it’s what really makes sense. Why do you extend your QB’s contract, say he’s your guy and then pick up Tim Tebow? Good question!

From Giant media turnout greets Tebow:

"Mark My Words: Sanchize gets traded on or before draft day. Miami or Tampa will make them an offer they can't refuse.. Then if you love Tebow so much.. he will be your starting QB."
- klabkebash

Ed.'s note -- What does Miami or Tampa have to offer? Will the Jets have to eat some of that nice contract they gave Mark Sanchez? Hard to see this happening.

From Tebow ready to win over teammates:

"If you honestly think Tebow is here as a backup QB you're an idiot. The Jets have lost faith in Sanchez and so have the fans. The second he screws up and they start losing games this team becomes Tebows; so stop saying its a joke to have a PC for a backup QB because he isn't one. Did you also think Shotty was "expected" to stay in NY too? If so, you don't understand anything about this organization so just don't speak. They lie and dance around questions, everyone with a brain knows exactly whats going to happen, its almost too predictable..."
- derKonig24

Ed.'s note -- He has to outplay Sanchez to get the starting job. Until then, he's the backup.

From Tim Tebow meets New York media:

"They say 3 ringed circus, try no rings."
- Tiger Would1

Ed.'s note -- The Giants have four rings … they just happen to be Super Bowl rings.

"If the Jets get one more "QB" they'll be featured on Hoarders"
- Pain_of_Noles

Ed.'s note -- They got rid of Drew Stanton ... was there an intervention?

"Combined, the Jets now have .75 QB on their roster."
- MarketMaker58

Ed.'s note -- Sadly that 75 percent doesn't include a good throwing arm.

From Facebook:

"Talk all you want, that's pretty much what the Jets do all season. The Giants are still better than the Jets, one player cannot change your whole team into a super bowl contender. BIGBLUE!!!!"
- Andrew Temoltzi

Ed.'s note -- How much can Tebow change the makeup of this team? Use the comments below and let us know what you think. Because, as you can see, we read you loud and clear.