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FanSpeak: Are the Yankees done?

September, 18, 2013

Robin Lundberg hits the streets to find out if New Yorkers are confident about the reeling Yankees' playoff chances this season.

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FanSpeak: Subway Series

June, 8, 2012

The best part of New York interleague play? New York vs. New York, Yankees vs. Mets, Johan vs. Jeter, as debated in bars across the Big Apple, will be settled this weekend.

Fans from around the area have weighed in.

From our Hot Button poll: Which N.Y. fans have it best?:

"As of right now, the Mets are overachieving and the Yankees are underachieving. Mets have earned what they have right now. Try cutting down the payrole and starting a bunch of minor leaguers and see where you sit."
- go mets746

Ed.'s note -- The question of what a team has earned is tricky. A team earns where they are by how they play on the field not on how much money the team has.

"I'd take a handful of memorable wins over a mountain of "oh they won again" moments. Don't get me wrong I have respect for the Yankees' greatness but I am happy being a Sox fan. and just for laughs: Go Mets!"
- Soxwin91

Ed.'s note -- Huh? You would rather win less often? Isn't a win memorable regardless of how many times they have done it before?

From Facebook:

"Its always good to be a yankees fan but right now the mets fans should enjoy it while it lasts"
- Christopher Nolan

Ed.'s note -- It's much better being a Mets fan now than it was last season.

"It's still great to be a Yankee fan. At the end of August when they are still in the hunt there will be some excitement about the team going into the stretch. Can you say the same thing about the Mets this year? That will remain to be seen. But you have to be excited about the way that they have played so far."
- Andrew Lestingi

Ed.'s note -- It’s always great when your team is winning.

From Inside the Matchups: Yanks vs. Mets:

"Mets have amazing starting pitching talent imo. I'd like to see them flex their muscles in these games. We'll probably lose these games but it's always good to have some cross-town rivalry, I'd say we take the first game with Johan on our side then lose the next two."

Ed.'s note -- We have one prediction, what's yours? Tell us in the comments. Hey, at least you know we’re paying attention.

FanSpeak: No October for Yanks?

June, 1, 2012

After 50 games, the New York Yankees are in third place in their division. Are the fans worried about not having baseball this October?

From Yanks may not be around in October

"The Yankees will make the playoffs - probably winning the East in the process - but are unlikely to advance very far based on their feast of famine offensive philosophy"
- ngord24

Ed.'s note -- It’s way too early to try to predict playoff series! If the Yankees make the playoffs, which isn't certain right now, their success is likely determined by starting pitching rather than hitting.

"fellow Yankee fans - we need to get our head out of the sand. He is right. The team is not that good. Certainly not good enough to dominate in a vastly improved AL. They are headed to a 85- 90 win season - baring a catastrophy. That likely won't be enough to make the playoffs."
- FredDeCicco

Ed.'s note -- 85-90 wins in the AL East would be pretty good and could definitely lead them to the playoffs. Under the two wild card spot system, 90 wins would have been enough last year.

From Russell Martin says he had odd run-in

"Umps are just big headed individuals who in my opinion are ruining baseball... Time for an automated system of sorts."
- matthewscott2010

Ed.'s note -- Can we please get started on this? Seeing people argue with computers is an awesome activity that would be even greater with managers kicking dirt on a monitor. I also want an official to the pixel definition of the strike zone.

From David Robertson out until mid-June

"Our two best arms .. we still winning without both! go yanks we can do this!!!!"
- Yankeesfans809

Ed.'s note -- So much optimism!

"Seems like a couple of weeks ago I was telling my Yankee fan friends that this guy was no Mariano Rivera, and the were calling me stupid. Robertson, at best, will be another Billy Wagner. All stats, no clutch."
- StubbornlyRational

Ed.'s note -- He’s only 27; you can’t expect him to be Rivera right now.

From Opinion: Soriano will remain closer

"I'm just glad we have options with Mo out, I mean it was going to come a day where the Yankees would have to deal with Mo being gone. But not many teams can deal with their closer going on the DL (season ending) and have 2 other options when healthy (Robertson). Go Yankees!"
- YankeesGiantsKnicksfan18

Ed.'s note -- The Yankees have had some bad luck and are in a division where every team is above .500, I would say being only a game and a half out of first in the division would be encouraging.

From Facebook

"Its still early , I'm a rays fan and I think the yanks will get the wc . Look at the mets they r still over .500 and will probably not make playoffs"
- Doug Siravo

Ed.'s note -- Always good to point out that it’s early and we have a lot of baseball left to be played. Wow on the World Series pick! The Texas Rangers look really good.

"yankees will be playing in the postseason in October. no worries"
-Antonio Andon

Ed.'s note -- Antonio isn’t worried, are you? Comment and let us know (hey, at least you know we’re paying attention).

FanSpeak: Yankees' blame game

May, 23, 2012

The New York Yankees are 22-21 and fourth in the AL East. What’s going on, Yankees fans?

From Notes: Hughes, A-Rod, Teixeira & Cano:

"Lets see were paying around 50 million dollars for two guys who can no longer hit the damn ball. That's a lot of money for two defensive players. I sure hope management has learned their lesson; but I doubt it.They will just keep charging outrageous prices so the average family can only afford bleacher seats.What a shame, its hard to watch are whole world fall apart; but that's what's happening."

Ed.'s note -- Let’s look at the stats: Alex Rodriguez is hitting .276, .371 OBP and .408 SLG (compared to his .301, .386 and .564 career numbers) and Mark Teixeira is hitting .229, .281 OBP and .386 SLG (compared to his career .280, .370 and .527 numbers). Bottom line: they need to step it up, especially with power.

"If all the Yankees pitchers gave them 6 innings of 2 run ball. I think we all would be very, very happy. Right now Hughes is looking more like the Yankees #3 pitcher then a 4 or 5. I hope he keeps up the good work, the Yankees need him."

Ed.'s note -- The Yankees only have 16 quality starts, 27th in MLB.

From A-Rod's days of being great are over:

"Not great anymore? He's barely average, on pace for 60 ribbys @ $30M!"
- genesaratoga

Ed.'s note -- On pace for 19 HRs with 57 RBIs, to be exact.

"I believe what he has now is referred to as warning track power."
- LIExile

From Rapid Reaction: Yankees 3, Royals 2:

"People it's a long season ; just sit back and wait for the playoffs to start. We will be in the hunt as usual !"
- tucan0903

Ed.'s note -- Finally, some optimism: hold onto it as long as possible.

"and someone needs to tell Granderson to get his eyes does he strike out so much?...thats what kept him from the mvp award last year...we need a lil more contact at the 2 hole swap him and cano in the lineup"
- steev201

Ed.'s note -- Curtis Granderson is striking out a lot (49 times, tied for eighth in MLB). Once he gets behind in the count he is having a hard time fighting back.

From Silent Hal not bothering Girardi:

"Lol, remember when this same thing happened last year and the standings ended up being

NY 97-65
TB 91-71
BOS 90-72
TOR 81-81
BAL 69-93

And that was a Yankees team who couldn't hit with risp AND didn't have a pitching staff.. still 97 wins.. huh."
- willisistheman02

Ed.'s note -- Point made: it’s still early: but this year it seems as if every other team in the AL East is better. So, fans, how do you see this year turning out for the Yanks?

FanSpeak: Tim Te-boo?

April, 17, 2012

Tim Tebow ventured into Yankee Stadium and was met with boos from Yankee fans. Was this deserved?

From Booing Tebow: Was it you?:

"yankee fans are giants fans. he has not done anything for new york yet. eli manning is just as generous as tim tebow, yet you dont hear bout it because he does it not for the publicity but bc hes a descent human being. im not saying tebow isnt, but when you have the chance to play in your hometown, go home and not to ny. we dont need to be driving through the city seeing posters of some guy who is in for a rude awakening at the hands of rex ryan. rex is saying all the right things now, but what happens when his profanity is too vulgar for him. tebow... go home and save some franchise that needs saving, not some place where they have a qb."
- Jimboslice1104

Ed.'s note -- The Yankees/Giants and Mets/Jets bond is real but it seemed as if the fans were booing Tebow as a public figure more than as a football player.

"And, yes, the morons in Yankee Stadium were clearly booing Wade because he helped beat the Knicks. If New York Yankee fans are ANYTHING, it's bad losers. Keep crying you bums."
- georohrs270

Ed.'s note -- Would cheering for Dwyane Wade make them good losers?

"I was sitting directly behind them and we didn't hear much in the way of boos. I shouted "Start him! Start him now!"
- TPman101

Ed.'s note -- He'll be hearing a lot more of that.

From Yankees fans boo Tim Tebow:

"welcome to NY tim. you have to prove yourself before you get cheered. eli manning used to be booed, then he won two super bowls, and he is now one of the most recognizable and respected figures in the city. you go to the stadium of the most successful franchise in sports history without having proved a damn thing, and you will get booed"
- mikesportsfan8

Ed.'s note -- Booing is the default setting for New York fans. Work your way up to standing ovations by winning a championship.

"i dont think tebow was ever booed in college or denver. let's see if it has any major effect. I'm guessing it doesn't"
- vamanos amigos

Ed.'s note -- If he’s any good it won’t.

The Jets and Giants are just getting started, the Rangers and Devils are in the playoffs, the Knicks are looking to the playoffs and the Mets and Yanks are in full swing. Keep those comments coming (hey, at least you know we're paying attention).



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RBIM. Teixeira 48
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SOM. Tanaka 135