Torre: Pettitte wills himself in post-season

Former Yankees manager Joe Torre was on XM's MLB Network Channel and was asked how Andy Pettitte is such a great post-season pitcher.

"He wills himself to do it," Torre said. The first game of the World Series against the Braves in '96, he had pitched before that, but that particular game I think he learned a lot. He went out there and thought, because it was the World Series, that he had to be something other than he was. And he got his rear end kicked. He came back later

on in that series, pitched game 5 and won 1-0 in Atlanta, and that's not an easy ballpark to shut somebody down in. I think he just basically wills himself to do stuff. He's very special. When I first saw

him prepare for a game he was sitting in the trainer's room staring

straight ahead. I said, 'Oh, my goodness, I've got a guy who is scared

to death.' But it was anything but that. The pressure may be huge on

him but he's able to fight through that stuff."